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Janette Najar’s Event and Wedding Coordination and Design is committed to creating, planning, and executing truly unique celebrations. I will help my clients crystallize their ideas into an overall theme. I will create a design concept tailored to the exact wishes, visions and needs of my client, and I will see the process through from the earliest stage of mere ideas to vendor booking, timeline establishment, planning and flawless execution of the day.


À La Carte Services

Some clients just don’t know where to start.  I meet with clients initially to help “guide” them in the right direction.  Some clients choose to meet monthly or bi-monthly to help keep them in order and organized.


I can develop a timeline for you, a budget breakdown, work with you on vendor referalls, as well as helpful hints and ways to save money.


The first consultation is usually between 1.5 to 2 hours.  It’s a lot of information but gets you moving in the right direction and really is helpful as its gets you thinking of things you hadn’t thought before.  We can do this in my office or via phone.


For bridal consultations, I often hear that couple rarely have arguments before the “wedding planning” and a wedding planner is like a “guidance counselor/life coach” helping to mold both your ideas and goals in one grand day.


I offfer fully customized planning following the wishes of the specific client; a detailed plan will be developed in close collaboration between Coordinator and the couple/client to assist in all areas where professional help is desired.


Let me know if you have any questions, what service(s) you think you may need and we can discuss further.


I look forward to working more closely with you to make sure every detail of your event is flawless.

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