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Janette Najar’s Event and Wedding Coordination and Design is committed to creating, planning, and executing truly unique celebrations. I will help my clients crystallize their ideas into an overall theme. I will create a design concept tailored to the exact wishes, visions and needs of my client, and I will see the process through from the earliest stage of mere ideas to vendor booking, timeline establishment, planning and flawless execution of the day.


Month of Coordination (including day of Coordination):

For couples and clients who wish to do most of the planning and organization themselves, but would like to rely on a professional consultant to pull all the details together into one comprehensive plan and to assist in the last weeks leading up to your event day and to coordinate the day of the event.


Besides being the first person on site and the last one to leave on the day of your event, I sit down with you 3-4 weeks before your event date for you to walk me through the vision you have of your day. I then contact all of your vendors and review their contracts to make sure I am aware of everything you are expecting.  I work with you on the timeline for the day as well as a layout of the space. I am the behind the scenes person making sure every detail is orchestrated to your wishes. 


I allow you to come into the clubhouse a day or two before your event to drop off you decorations and alcohol & beverages.  For wedding clients, I also offer you a dress rehearsal the day before your wedding.


After your event, I pack up all of your decorations as well as beverages and allow you to keep them on site for a day or two so you don’t have to pack up your car the night of your wedding or event (unless you want to).


I always say the best money I spent at my wedding was the day of the wedding coordinator. It allowed me to relax and know that everything I had planned was being executed the way I envisioned and the flow of the day was seamless.


  • E-mail confirmation reserving the date, time and location of the event

  • Review of all vendor contracts and confirmation of vendor services 2-4 weeks prior to thewedding reception/celebration

  • Assistance in development of an event day itinerary

  • Directing services during the event for a maximum of eight hours

  • Provision of complete event emergency kit

  • Personal management of the event day itinerary, vendors, and the guests if need be


I offfer fully customized planning following the wishes of the specific client; a detailed plan will be developed in close collaboration between Coordinator and the couple/client to assist in all areas where professional help is desired.


Let me know if you have any questions, what service(s) you think you may need and we can discuss further.


I look forward to working more closely with you to make sure every detail of your event is flawless.

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